Hey, it’s Kat.

This is what it says in the info section of my Facebook account:

Hey it’s Kat. High school friends call me Katherine. Grade school classmates call me Kathy.And mom calls me Katrina when she’s angry. I have a blog, it’s katmanongsong.wordpress.com, and I’m so kind of addicted to it.

I hate it whenever I’m trapped into talking to people who make no sense. So, more often than not, I just resort to not talking at all. Oh, I hate math, together with 85% of the inhabitants of this planet. I like to take pictures of myself a lot, but I don’t publish them, alright?

I’m addicted to books. Boring, maybe? But a smart way of spending my time, definitely. I really think boys can be so awesome if they just choose to be. The thing is, 99% of the time, they opt to be jerks. Sad fact.

Coffee is the reason why I did well in High school. Coffee is the reason why I passed the ACET. Coffee is the reason why I still survive in the Ateneo. Okay, I know you get my point. I’m addicted to it. Any kind of it.

Well, here’s more.

I never had a lasting blog before.

I have tried around 4 or 5 sites but I can never seem to update and stuff regularly. But here’s me being mature now.  I have always wanted to be someone who’s going to remembered as full of wisdom and stuff, but i guess until now i’m still just dreaming about it.

I am not a serious person though it’s what I most often project. Really, I am not serious at all. In fact, my current wallpaper is “I think about sex all the time”.  No i am not maniac or whatever, i just love things that would surprise people.

I am a BS Psychology student at the Ateneo de Manila.
I am a GK volunteer.
And I am, more often than not, a sabaw-thinker. *Grin*
Oh, I can be very friendly on Wednesdays. But very mataray on Mondays. I dunno why.
I love observing people.
I love observing men, in particular *Wide smile*
I hate the color green.
I am addicted to coffee.
I am also hooked to basketball.
I rant a lot. And I mean A LOT.
Malabo akong blogger. Tatapusin ko na lang basta paminsan yung isang blog sa walang kwentang statement.
Tulad nito.


18 thoughts on “Hey, it’s Kat.

  1. hey kat … thanks for the blog on nailfiles … super late ko na nakita … i dont usually read blogs kc but your blog is super nice. i wish i could write as well as you do. come back ok. FREE pampered pedi on us. text me 0927 – 3775098 : )

    • Hullo miss mitzi! Wow, thanks for droppin’ by my site =) Can I just say I love your nail spa. Like my week is not complete if I don’t go there. Swear. Anyways, thanks for appreciating my blog. :)

      And really? Free pampered pedi? Oh my <3 :D

  2. Coffee! I’ve been tinkering on wordpress too. Well, last summer when I was bored, and ngayong break na lang uli. Wala lang:))

  3. hi there, kat. thanks for subscribing to my blog. :D Hmm. like you, I :
    1. love coffee. used to be an addict but i’m trying to gain weight so i’ve decided to cut my consumption…:D
    2. i’ve had 4 blogs before. but i couldn’t keep up the blogging energy. sucks.
    3. am part of the 85% of earthlings who hate math. math is a schmuck.

    Good luck and see you around!

  4. Hello Kat! Thank you for my following my quiet and rarely visited blog. I think we have a lot in common
    1. I hate to admit it but I know I become “And I am, more often than not, a sabaw-thinker. *Grin*”
    2. I also love observing people.
    3. I also RANT a lot, my blog is a living proof
    4. I will not be a hypocrite, i also love men (with a discrete but naughty smile hahaha)

    Btw, may I know how did you discover my blog?

    • Hi Diane! :) Yay for us girls who like (no, make that love) men! Even if they’re…oh never mind. HAHA. As for your question, I was just blog hopping when I saw a link to your blog :) I liked it, so I followed you kagad :D Thanks for following me also! See ya ’round!

    • Hi Thaanie! Thanks for visiting my blog! Feel free to just browse around and comment :) You have a very nice site! :)

      Nice meeting you too, deary! :D

  5. Hello Kat, I came by your very nice blog to thank you for subscribing to mine. I appreciate the visit and since I like your blog, would like to return the favor. I will be back soon!

  6. Hi Kat! Was surprised to see another blogger followed my blog. Appreciate it, thanks! BTW, I like the way you write. I think I’m gonna stay here and read stuff for a while. God bless on your studies, Atty. Kat! Cheers!

  7. Hey Kat!

    You have a pretty interesting About page. It says a lot about your personality. I liked it when people just be themselves. Even if you claim na “malabo ka mag-blog,” you delivered your message shamelessly and radically.

    Keep rockin’ this 2014! God bless you more! :-)

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